About Car Audio Gone Wild


14 Years Strong!!!

Here is our story:

Certified Radio had a vision to create a car audio sale that would be the biggest and best sales event in Canada. They wanted to feature the latest and greatest products from vendors like: Clarion, Pioneer, Focal, Escort, Titan & JL Audio. But they also wanted to sell these new products at prices lower than any Boxing Day Sale from any other company across Canada. So in 2003, Certified Radio began Car Audio Gone WIld (CAGW).


Car Audio Gone Wild has the reputation of being the biggest and the best car audio sale event in Canada. Unlike other sales, CAGW sells the newest product models available at ridiculously low prices. There are no excess cargo items, no overstock blitz products and no cheap loss leaders available at this event; just the best products from the best vendors in car audio are sold.


When you attend a CAGW, you will see the newest products available from brands like Clarion, Pioneer, Focal, Escort, Titan, Audiovox, Sirius, JL Audio, and much more! All are priced well below any Boxing Day Sale you will ever attend at any other venue.


There is manufacturers representatives on hand from our different venders at each store. Nowhere else can you get informative straight talk from the source.


Combine all of this with no pushy sales tactics from Certified Radio's top-notch sales team and you have what makes Car Audio Gone Wild thee best car audio sale in Canada!!!